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Minimal patch Uploads to Servers

PostPosted: 06.12.2017, 19:19
by managgie
Is there a way to upload 10 patches only at a time/per day on my local servers? Our company has a Network Manager, SIP, Solarwinds, Active Directory, and WSUS server that has not been patched and updated in months. We don't want to do a COMPLETE upload in case the servers break with one of the patches or updates. Has anyone run into this issue and is it do-able?

Re: Minimal patch Uploads to Servers

PostPosted: 07.12.2017, 14:38
by WSUSUpdateAdmin

Well, this sounds similar to the often requested "report only" functionality.

Of course you can let WOU download all the patches for your platform(s) and rename the corresponding subfolders under "client" before building an ISO, so the installation of the patches will lead to "not found" warnings only.

The thing is: Even after this procedure and after applying patches manually and one after each other, you won't know which patch will kill your machine, if there is one.

Guess you'll have to trust the vendor...

T. Wittrock

Re: Minimal patch Uploads to Servers

PostPosted: 07.12.2017, 16:11
by Dalai
I'd just take precautions, namely creating an image of the OS installation/partition that can be restored if anything goes wrong. In fact, some kind of working(!) backup strategy like this is mandatory for production systems IMO, even more for servers.