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Splitting up downloads?

PostPosted: 21.06.2017, 01:26
by cdgoldin
I use WSUSOffline to maintain W7/x86, W7/x64, W10/x86, W10/x64, DotNet, and Office 2007.

My current Internet connection is metered, and the aforementioned downloads take about 40% of my monthly allocation, so I use the local library to run the WSUSOffline download.

But the Library restricts usage of their computers to two hours per day, and the WSUSOffline download currently takes ~ 2 hours 10 minutes!

1) If I run WSUSOffline checking only W7, and then run it again (another day), checking only W10 and Office, will this work, or do I need separate WSUSOffline folders?

2) If I try to run the complete update, and time out (i.e. the library computer shuts down mid-operation) can I restart on another day, or will the files be corrupted?

A third option would be to split my WSUSOffline folder into two separate folders, and run two downloads simultaneously at the library. If I did so, which sub-folders would need to be copied or moved to each of the two new folders? Or would I have to start from scratch, and download everything to two completely new folders?

Re: Splitting up downloads?

PostPosted: 21.06.2017, 08:13
by Denniss
Win 10 should contain/require the largest downloads so I would split-off those to the second download run.
You may do a first download run with anything you need, then de-select those and select win10 instead for the second download run. Please do not start two simultaneous download runs on the same computer as this will cause problems.
Corrupted files should be detected and deleted/replaced on next download run.
To save some time/download contingent I'd de-select Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials updates until your main Windows/Office downloads are complete as they are known to cause repetive downloads. These are best downloaded with just Win7 x86/x64 and MSSE/Defender selected

Re: Splitting up downloads?

PostPosted: 22.06.2017, 05:25
by cdgoldin
Thank you.