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Slow search issue

PostPosted: 14.04.2018, 19:50
by louis88

I cannot pm u, board rules, so I apollogise for offtopic.


I had the same issue describede on your site, and a year ago I gave up, updating w7.

Today I turned on again window update and updates came in 2 min :)

2 weeks ago I managed to solve a problem , w7 failing to backup. It was related to a boot loader not supported so good by windows.

I have described the issue here: ... ost-172193

Since today my windows Update worked so good...maybe the boot loader problem affects somehow also this windows update taking too long.

Re: Slow search issue

PostPosted: 14.04.2018, 23:56
by Dalai
louis88 wrote:Today I turned on again window update and updates came in 2 min :)

Yes, Microsoft has solved this issue on the server side as well, by removing some supersedences from the update catalog (metadata). This was done many months ago, I don't remember exactly.

"Funny" thing is that if you use Disk Cleanup Wizard to remove old/unneeded Windows updates, the issue reoccurs. A little background info: A couple weeks ago I had a Win7 laptop to fix, and after I had done that I backed up the system (imaged with Ghost), let Windows check for updates, and it took about 2 minutes I think.

Then I ran Disk Cleanup which claimed to be able to free up about 6.4 GB of disk space of old Windows updates alone. I checked to see if it was true - it wasn't, much less than 50 MB or so were freed. Anyway, after that I let Windows check for updates again and that took a looong time, so I decided to stop wuauserv eventually after 15 to 20 minutes or so. Moral of the story: Don't use Disk Cleanup to remove old Windows updates, even if it claims to free up several GB's of disk space, it's very likely more trouble than it's worth.

Since today my windows Update worked so good...maybe the boot loader problem affects somehow also this windows update taking too long.

I doubt that these issues are related. But I'm glad to see you've resolved both of them :).


Re: Slow search issue

PostPosted: 15.04.2018, 02:23
by boco
Strange, I can run Disk Cleanup as much as I want. However, after the Windows Update Cleanup part has completed, you MUST reboot. Windows 7 Update Cleanup actually takes place at reboot. Only then, the claimed space is freed.

I could imagine that if you search for updates before the Cleanup is truly complete, Windows can run into the aforementioned long search issues.

Re: Slow search issue

PostPosted: 15.04.2018, 13:29
by louis88
Windows 7 didn't survive last night update

All files stored on my desktop (I have a lot) disappeared, remaining only with the shortcuts to some apps.

I could not start the restore process...and all what I wanted to start throw me an infections when a stub routes the execution af any .exe

I though it was a virus. :o I managed to restore, in safe mode using the restore point before Windows update. Windows recovery disk found again the win 7 mbr on the other hdd, and installed an entry in bcd, killing w7 backup sistem again. Whit this occasion i wiped out that system partition an merged to second part, on that hdd.

Installed Kaspersky and the system is clear of parasites . (I'm using it daily since.. install date... 2009)

last night WU updated 8 things.

Now..after the happening, I ran again WU and it shows me only 7 updates. Which is the bad one? I'm tented to close WU and stay like that.

Re: Slow search issue

PostPosted: 15.04.2018, 15:39
by Dalai
Unfortunately I don't remember if I rebooted after using Disk Cleanup before scanning for Windows updates. It's possible that I didn't reboot. I'll keep that in mind for the next Win7 system I get to fix.

I recommend to create an image of your system partition with a dedicated imaging software (there are quite a few free ones) and then you can test to see which update is bad. If one of them is a Monthly Rollup, it's probably that one. That's why it's recommended to wait a couple of days or even weeks before installing new updates, as I already said in another thread. As I said in that other thread as well, it's also good practice to make a system backup/image before installing new updates, just in case.


Re: Slow search issue

PostPosted: 15.04.2018, 21:51
by louis88
I've spent this afternoon fixing 5 errors reported in eventviewer.

1. one of them..bitlock..could not verify drive. a 450mb partition (who the heck made it, I have no ideea),, after the primary 110GB w7 partition; was ment as a recovery part or something.

Encrypted volume check: Volume information on \\?\Volume{4d5d7944-8ea8-11e6-9092-806e6f6e6963} cannot be read.

After merging with win7 the problem was solved.

2. other
The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:

solved by ..manually delete services in registry.

3. other..ulead..driver filter installed by who the heck app long ago. banned by w7 updates?
\SystemRoot\SysWow64\Drivers\ULCDRHlp.sys has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system.

Uper/lowerfilters in CD/DVD diriver...also manually

4. other..
Error 10016, The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Server application with CLSID

{C97FCC79-E628-407D-AE68-A06AD6D8B4D1} and APPID {344ED43D-D086-4961-86A6-1106F4ACAD9B}

to the user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM SID (S-1-5-18) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

I had to give permission manually...trustedInstaller owned the do IPBusEnum stuff

now my w7 reboots..without throwing errors :lol:

As for the OS crash...I don't understand how recovery works. I have restored the system at a point before updates..and now the install histry shows like this

1 with the bug...from (I had right) 8..updates

with all this..w7 wants more updates...another 7

2018-04 ..again...
I don't understand :shock:

what to do...?