Update wsuoffline itself, the program, how?

Update wsuoffline itself, the program, how?

Postby dangdongho1 » 07.04.2018, 15:20

I tried moving client folder between older and new version, but not sure if it would be alright

whats the officall way, redownload all updates to avoid potential issues?
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Re: Update wsuoffline itself, the program, how?

Postby Dalai » 07.04.2018, 18:42

It should be possible to copy/move the updates from the client subdirectories to another version of WSUS Offline if you also copy the md subdir (which contains the hashes). Copying/Moving the whole client directory is not a good idea because it contains subdirs like cmd and bin that contain the UpdateInstaller scripts, i.e. parts of WSUS Offline itself - you wouldn't update those parts this way.

The official way is to just extract another version over the existing one overwriting existing files in the process. AFAIK that's also the way WSUS Offline updates itself.

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