About WanaDecrypt0r

About WanaDecrypt0r

Postby bezeelev » 14.05.2017, 11:34

Hello and please forgive if the question is too simple to answer or too inept.

How should I check if wsusoffline has installed the MS17-010 update from March that secures against WanaDecrypt0r?

Both Windows Update and Microsoft have made it so difficult to tell what is installed and what is not, that I can't simply search by security bulletin IDs or even KB IDs. There is no tool for cross-referencing IDs from the MS KB and the ones listed in the Windows Update logs.

I hope there is a straightforward way to verify this. Thanks in advance.

Re: About WanaDecrypt0r

Postby aker » 14.05.2017, 15:02

Check, if your repo has been created after 2017-03-14 and run wsusou. If it does not report anything, you should be protected.
Also you might check, if C:\Windows\system32\drivers\mrxsmb10.sys has a change date, which is in Macrh 2017. If it doesn't even exist, your computer does not use the vulnerable protocol.
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