You win!

You win!

Postby KDM » 03.11.2016, 22:37

This is my first post. Maybe my last, too. That's a good thing. I was thinking: having solved their problem, how many people register on a forum just to say "thank you"?

So, my hard drive died. I knew it was on the way out, having repaired the FAT numerous times. I replaced it with an SSD. I reinstalled windows 7 ( becuase I'm worried that Windows 10 will be too much like Windows 8, which is a complete disaster).

My printer wouldn't install: it was complaining that my system wasn't up-to-date. I had an unknown device in my device manager. I knew I needed a Windows update. It hung at about 50%. I left it running for 48 hours. I Googled the problem. WSUS was recommended. Even WSUS strugled initially. It hung on stage 1 of 9: trying to update (can't remember the message exactly, but it was a component of Internet Explorer (another abberation).

The forum told me to simply disable windows update, reboot and run WSUS again. Who would have thought that would solve the problem? I now have an up-to-date system, which updates automatically via Windows update.

All I can do is say: thanks.

NB: I would still desperately love to know why Windows update didn't do that in the first place. Why did I have to go searching for your EXCELLENT tool? Can Microsoft really be this poor?

Re: You win!

Postby aker » 04.11.2016, 20:17


Caused by to many revisions and supersedances. We're working hard every month searching for new workarounds.
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