step by step to create ISO with integrated updates

step by step to create ISO with integrated updates

Postby kkf » 05.03.2016, 22:20


First of all Im not entirely sure if the software is made to integrate downloaded updates into an existing ISO, but if yes, can someone please give me a step by step guide as to how, cause im failing hard.
So I got a Windows 7 x64 with SP1 Enterprise Edition, Hungarian language ISO and would like to download integrate all the updates.
I think I got all the binaries downloaded and put into the /bin folder at least there is no error message, but I get 3MB ISOs in the end so something is wrong.
My settings are:
addcustomlanguagesupport hun

x64 Global (Multilingual Updates)
include C++ runtime libraries
include service packs
create ISO image -> per selected product and language
only prepare ISO / USB

and this is the log i get for the 3MB ISO
2016.03.05. 14:59:17,70 - Info: Starting ISO image creation for w61-x64 glb /includedotnet /exitonerror
2016.03.05. 14:59:17,95 - Info: Created ISO image ..\iso\wsusoffline-w61-x64.iso
2016.03.05. 14:59:17,95 - Info: Created message digest file ..\iso\wsusoffline-w61-x64-hashes.txt
2016.03.05. 14:59:18,07 - Info: Ending ISO image creation for w61-x64

Any help is appreciated.

Re: step by step to create ISO with integrated updates

Postby boco » 06.03.2016, 00:01

No, WSUSOU is not the right software for you. It can't integrate anything into OS ISO. This software downloads updates from MS' servers and creates completely standalone update media.

You need to use other programs, like WinToolkit or MSMG Toolkit.
Microsoft update catalog:
Windows Install media download:
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