Installation Requirements

Installation Requirements

Postby a2218 » 04.12.2015, 22:02

Are there any minimum system requirements needed to use this program?

Re: Installation Requirements

Postby aker » 05.12.2015, 09:37

You need a computer running Windows for installation/Windows or Linux for download and an internet connection for download. Every OS/Office version, you want to download for will require about 1-3 GB free space on your drive. The Windows version, you want to install updates on, should not be modfied with software like nLite to prevent problems.
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Re: Installation Requirements

Postby Cababs » 13.12.2015, 12:07

should not be modfied with software like nLite to prevent problems

does this include just slipstreaming updates?
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Re: Installation Requirements

Postby boco » 13.12.2015, 23:13

No. It's primarily removing Windows components that are deemed "evil" (like Windows Scripting HOST/VBS Scripting) causing problems. WSUSOU relies on several components that are often removed by clueless users.
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