Windows Update search never finishes, does KB3102810 help?

Windows Update search never finishes, does KB3102810 help?

Postby Ancient » 12.11.2015, 23:00


I'm having big troubles getting Windows Update to work at all. And reading that one item in the changelog for version 10.2.1 is "Integrated Windows Update Client improvement updates (kb3102810/kb3102812)" makes me scratch my head, as it didn't help my system at all.

I spend hours today trying to get behind the problems I have with Windows Update. Mainly, that the search for updates by Windows Update never finishes and produces a high CPU load through "svchost.exe". I stumbled over the update KB3102810, which was automatically installed on the patch day of November 2015, and has the head line:
"Installing and searching for updates is slow and high CPU usage occurs in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2"

That's exactly the problem that I am having. But I still have these after the fix. Neither the latest version of Windows Update Agent which came with KB3102810 is working, nor the one prior to this update...

Windows 7 x64 SP1
Windows Update Agent - version 7.6.7601.19016 (after removing KB3102810)

Already tried steps:
1) Event viewer - Cleared logs
2) Windows Update - deleted cache folder "SoftwareDistribution"
3) Microsoft Fix It (Windows Update)- claims it couldn't fix one item; manual inspection of registry didn't confirm the result, and error never occurred:
"Error 0x80070005. Access Denied while installing Windows Updates"

Is this a general issue? What else can I try to make Windows Update work again?


Re: Windows Update search never finishes, does KB3102810 hel

Postby aker » 12.03.2016, 23:44

It's a general update with Windows Update on Windows 7 ATM.
wsusou installs a few updates before searching for updates using WUA to decrease the time required. But often it still takes up to 2 hours on fresh installations. But it's better then without the updates (already heard > 48h).

It's currently nearly impossible to improve it any more.
You may try the updates listed here; they helped on some machines.
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