EULA for 9.2

EULA for 9.2

Postby ragdoll6800 » 30.04.2015, 17:36

Good Morning to you all!

I am new to using the WSUS Offline media, and we have a concern.

I would like to use this for a client, but we are under strict legal guidance. we need to verify with the EULA of this product that we are at liberty to use it. If not, I cannot leverage the product.

Can anyone please point me to where I can obtain the EULA for WSUS Offline 9.2?

I greatly appreciate the help and apologize if this overlaps with any previous question.

Re: EULA for 9.2

Postby Gerby » 30.04.2015, 21:07

Hello ragdoll! wrote:As licensed under "GNU GPL", you still may download and use the software from this site for free. Nevertheless, your donation would help to keep this state.

Hope, this helps.

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