Video tutorial request

Video tutorial request

Postby pcenforme » 27.02.2015, 14:16

hello every people;
i dont speak fine english or germany,i found your soft wonderfull!!!
i me ask if is can possible see one video tutorial of software.
in general i found easy to use but there are a few fonction i dont know
for exemple "per selected language x86 cross product"desktop only"

i me ask for exemple if your download every update in one iso the system recognize the system xp,or seven etc and he install
the system x86 or X64.
for finsh i say a big thank of give the luck use this soft.
it 's dommage i dont speak fine english or german.
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Re: Video tutorial request

Postby aker » 28.02.2015, 16:35

The option you asked for will create an ISO file for every product/all x86 products.
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Video tutorial request

Postby pcenforme » 02.03.2015, 15:51

hi thank for you reponse
i found the osft top;but i dont understand why i use the update;windows update no read every update
and i ask of install every update again;
if is possible get the manual is very cool
i understannd i think the majority but; i search understand for exemple;
"per selected language in X86 cross product (desktop only)"
if is possible get the help in english after if your ok i create a french tutorial.
i propose give the remote of my computer one end day; after when i understand fine; i work.
there are long day i search one solution; i use

Re: Video tutorial request

Postby WSUSUpdateAdmin » 05.03.2015, 10:01


Pls. find "Tutorials (external)" on

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